Contractors Insurance

We insure some of the most successful contractors in West Michigan, including excavators, tree services, landscapers, and many more. The key to our success has been getting things done quickly and accurately. We understand that the construction industry is very fast-paced and competitive, and our clients don’t have time to wait around for mistakes to be fixed. We offer important services such as bid bonds and payment/performance bonds. Contractors InsuranceOur clients also love our fast turnaround time for issuing certificates and making changes as their businesses grow.

Our role in our relationship with our contractor clients is that of an advisor. We will take the time to understand the characteristics that make your business unique, and we will recommend the coverages that will protect your assets when something goes wrong. Our staff has been working with contractors for a long time, and we will provide you with a robust insurance program so you can focus on doing the work that makes you money.

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